Everyone has an opinion on Starbucks; generally, it is a favorable one. If you're one of Starbucks' loyal cafe-goers, or if you're only vaguely intrigued by the coffee chain, then perhaps StarbucksMelody is for you.

I don't personally care much for Starbucks (or coffee in general). I don't dislike it, but I refuse to put much, if any, thought towards it. However, even a holdout such as myself was captivated by the blog. Melody, the eponymous author, puts together an enthralling site about a subject you wouldn't think would be all that interesting. After all, they only make coffee..

..or do they? Turns out, Starbucks has a masterful hand in architecture, marketing, and many other realms of intrigue that you wouldn't quite expect from a cafe. Worldwide, Starbucks dominates coffee with a reign on par with the tyranny over fast food that McDonald's holds tight to. The facts, and fun, found in StarbucksMelody will blow your mind.

Get your morning mug of information at StarbucksMelody.


Update 03.30.11

Expect new posts soon.. family trouble has made running the blog tough lately, but I'm back.