Update 02.20.11

I apologize for not making any posts on Wednesday, 02.16.11 and Friday, 02.18.11. It's been a busy week preparing for the big four-day weekend (courtesy of a Mr. Washington); I'm going to the mountains (Mt. High) with my family for a day of skiing (snowboarding for my brothers).

I will have my usual posts back up by Wednesday, 02.23.11. See you then!



I think that at this point in history, the majority of teenager and young adult Americans online would classify themselves as 'geeks' or 'nerds' in some respect. That's good news for Geekologie, which is a blog dedicated to -- you guessed it -- geeky stuff.

"Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome," are their main topics, as they so confidently declare on their site's header. They aren't kidding about the 'awesome', either, with posts on such topics as real life Mario Kart to crazy predictions of planets four times the size of Jupiter in our solar system (now with pseudo-scientific evidence!) . Though the 'gadgets and gizmos' part is scarce, the writers at Geekologie do cover a wide variety of other topics, most of them silly.

Here's a bit from the blog about a replica Grayskull Castle made of snow:

"This is a Castle Grayskull igloo built in Brooklyn, NY by artist Kilroy III and some of his friends. As you can see, it's pretty f***ing awesome. Well, provided you can get past how it looks like it was designed to fit 400 of Frosty's wieners in its mouth. Other than that though, totally sweet."

However good the blog, though, it does have one problem: you can't even find out who the writer is for any particular post. Unless I'm missing something, these writers are as elusive as an attractive woman who isn't insane. We'll just have to live with that, though it really is a shame that the readers can't identify with any specific writer.

Regardless, Geekologie is a surprisingly good read, and even if it doesn't quite fit your tastes in writing, you should at least give it a look. So, geek out with your deek out at Geekologie!

Oh man, I'm never gonna live that one down.


Who Wrote This Crap?

...and What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome?

Entertainment is at our core, demanding every ounce of respectable time that we have. When we don't quench that hunger, we're 'bored,' and anyone knows just how much we, as thinking human beings, despise being 'bored.' Movies are the centerpiece of entertainment, and though other forms of media are quickly overtaking it, the cinema industry holds strong. When you're dealing with hundreds of billions of dollars, though, it's not really all that hard. They could always use a little help though, right?

That's where Smokin D comes in. He authors the Who Wrote This Crap? blog, which features his succinct, to-the-point movie reviews. He writes about such movies as Wanted, Machete, and the ever-annoying Sweeney Todd. I gotta give him credit for having such an eclectic, varied taste (that, or he's incredibly unbiased; either are commendable).

His blog often promotes movies in a themed 'Week' format. His most recent themed week (as linked above) was What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome? and it featured five movies that, save for Machete, I think were really quite silly-awesome indeed. You don't have to agree with his tastes to like his blog (because, honestly, no one ever agrees on cinema taste).

Get watchin' Smokin D's Who Wrote This Crap?, and get watchin' some movies.


Sleep Journal

Have you ever been asleep, dreaming the awesome dreams that I'm sure we all do, when you're awakened suddenly and feel the need to record your dream for all to see? This would be a Sleep Journal, which is the title of the blog written by Alex (aka Xryth) in which he speculates about the nature of the dream state and reality, as well as records his lucid sleep experiences.

Alex/Xryth doesn't have much down so far, and has only started this project recently. The power that rocketed it to one of the top spots in my blog reading list, though, is visible in a post entitled 'Dreams: The Blueprints of Reality.' In it, he makes such points as:

"I first thought of the definition of 'real' being 'something that is tangible, and solid.' If that is your definition of real, then certainly your waking life is not real, as per the fact that you only perceive objects in your mind."
     -Alex (Xryth) of Sleep Journal

While much of his philosophy is nothing new (see Descartes and his 'evil daemon'), it is thought-provoking, and is refreshing to the mind. Xryth can get this information into an understandable, impressive  packet of a post for those of us who do not want to read books upon books for one such idea. This is a layman's deep philosophy.

Work your mind at Sleep Journal, unless you don't believe the mind is real enough to be worked out.


Wallpapers, and Wallpapers!

Today we have a particularly interesting article on our hands - a double-blog review! One is of 'Wallpapers' and the other of 'Wallpapers!'

Why, you ask, have I chosen to do two blogs in one review? Well, the answer is simple: they're pretty much the same thing. They're both blogs in which posts are made (almost) daily, and in each post is - you guessed it - wallpapers. Usually, a blog that isn't really unique would get poor scores from critics like myself, but they both exhibit quality content that really delivers on their niche.

The wallpapers themselves are simply wonderful. They are all of amazing quality, and look professional. It's not your typical dull, Windows-esque backgrounds that come default on your PC, but rather those that have been harvested from the series of tubes that is the internet and compiled in these two blogs with great consistency.

Though the content is definitely enjoyable, the blogs are a bit simple, and could use a bit of work. Another oddity that these blogs exhibit that separates them from other blogs I feature are that they aren't really perfected in the actual blog style. If it weren't for all of the wonderful wallpapers they post, I don't think they'd be really all that remarkable.

The author of 'Wallpapers!', aka Jordan, even links the other blog, 'Wallpapers', written by Wolf, on her site. Though it seems that Wolf hasn't returned the favor, it doesn't seem to be too hostile of a move. Most likely, Wolf hasn't even noticed. There's something my readers could do - comment on Wolf's blog that we here at Blogographer think he should return the favor to Jordan for the link on her page.

At any rate, there's no reason you shouldn't pimp out your desktop (yes, I did just say that) with the wallpapers on 'Wallpapers!' and 'Wallpapers.'