The Most Powerful Strength And Muscle
Building Strategies On The Internet, Without
The Usual Bullshit And Broscience!

That little tidbit was taken from the StrongLifts.com website itself, and I have to give it to them: they really know how to catch your attention! I noticed that their by-line followed similar protocol with, "No B.S. Strength and Muscle Building Strategies." With promises like that, how could I resist investigating a little further into their bodybuilding blog? :P

Here's an excerpt from the site itself so you can judge it yourself, as well:

"Alex E. has doubts about the effectiveness of the StrongLifts 5x5 program. Read the interesting argument he emailed me. Quote...
If the StrongLifts 5x5 program is so unbelievably effective, why doesn't EVERYONE at the gym use it?
Because the majority is always wrong. Most people struggle with money, have bad relationships and are out-of-shape fat slobs. Quite bluntly, their life sucks. Yet they copy eachother likes monkeys and give unsolicited advice at every single opportunity they get. Worse, they feel compelled to criticize us and call us freaks, even though we're actually getting results. They're nuts."

This blog actually tries to improve you as a person on the level you are at, so I suggest that if you're looking to put on some muscle, work yourself out, and generally live a happier life, check out StrongLifts.com.


  1. Took me forever to actually find the routine after digging through all their self-hype on their website, but I must say, the routines they suggest really are the best. The have the trifecta of squats, bench presses and deadlifts... any routine with those three exercises is A+

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