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Here on Blogographer, it's usually just a single blog per day -- that's the easiest way to give each blog the time they need to be thoroughly discussed in just a single post. However, some sponsored blogs of Blogographer (blogs that we support) aren't exactly feature material, as they're either by myself, or my friends and family.

As I feel quite unfair throwing the spotlight solely on someone I know just because they know me, I thought that I would dedicate a single post today to the Blogographer Sponsored Blogs. The last Saturday of each month will see the Sponsored Blogs listed for new readers and old readers alike to enjoy!



The Most Powerful Strength And Muscle
Building Strategies On The Internet, Without
The Usual Bullshit And Broscience!

That little tidbit was taken from the StrongLifts.com website itself, and I have to give it to them: they really know how to catch your attention! I noticed that their by-line followed similar protocol with, "No B.S. Strength and Muscle Building Strategies." With promises like that, how could I resist investigating a little further into their bodybuilding blog? :P

Here's an excerpt from the site itself so you can judge it yourself, as well:

"Alex E. has doubts about the effectiveness of the StrongLifts 5x5 program. Read the interesting argument he emailed me. Quote...
If the StrongLifts 5x5 program is so unbelievably effective, why doesn't EVERYONE at the gym use it?
Because the majority is always wrong. Most people struggle with money, have bad relationships and are out-of-shape fat slobs. Quite bluntly, their life sucks. Yet they copy eachother likes monkeys and give unsolicited advice at every single opportunity they get. Worse, they feel compelled to criticize us and call us freaks, even though we're actually getting results. They're nuts."

This blog actually tries to improve you as a person on the level you are at, so I suggest that if you're looking to put on some muscle, work yourself out, and generally live a happier life, check out StrongLifts.com.



Hey there, blogographers. I'm glad I could tear myself away from today's feature long enough to write this post, because it was getting dangerously close to posting time and, well -- don't we all hate when people post stuff late? So let's get down to business: Cracked.com.

This particularly site is so good that I almost didn't realize how long I had spent on it. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how long, but I will tell you anyways: four hours. No, not four hours in total, including breaks, spanning over a few days. Four hours straight with about three minutes to get up, take a leak, and get my clothes out of the dryer that had been sitting there for hours.

r/funny: 1 million readers!

So something incredible happened on the internet recently. One of reddit's subreddits, r/funny, finally reached the one-million-readers mark, making it the first subreddit to do so. This is akin to Ashton Kutcher claiming the first account to one million Twitter followers, making it quite the occasion.

The subreddit decided to celebrate by encouraging users to give themselves 'flair,' or titles next to their names. It could really be whatever they want (yes, I put 'blogographer.org' next to my name -- what else?) and so there's been quite the myriad of funny flairs.

For my shot at funny flair, I've gone with the following:


A Tuesday Laugh, Take Three!

What's that, blogographers? You want a Tuesday Laugh?

Well, since you asked so nicely, you can have a Tuesday Laugh, indeed! For more laughs, check out previous "A Tuesday Laugh" posts: [Part 1] [Part 2]




It's about that time for another Gawker Media network blog here on Blogographer (and, no, they do not sponsor me, haha)!

This time, I will be featuring Lifehacker, blogging kin to such other successful sites as Jalopnik, Kotaku, and Gizmodo (among others) by Gawker. According to their about page and byline, Lifehacker is about, "tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done." If that is not descriptive enough for ya, then their about page also has a helpful little video on it.



Okay, so if this next blog feature confuses and intrigues you, then you are in good company.

Holytaco is the name, and this blog is about.. well, according to their website pages, "girls, photos, videos, articles, galleries, and flowcharts." I don't quite know what flowcharts is all about (did I miss the memo on flowerchart fetishism?) but the rest are pretty much internet staples.

There's not really too much more to say about a blog like this other than, "Check it out!" because some of the stuff they have.. my god, I can't stop laughing!


Beast Skills

Greetings, blogographers! I bring you something interesting from a part of the internet that I do not feature enough! That particular part is fitness, involving such topics as working out, acrobatics, gymnastics, dieting, and way more than I can list here in just one paragraph comfortably.

The blog I bring you goes by the name of Beast Skills -- and for good reason. The writer, Jim, has been involved in both, "bodyweight skills and weight training for well over a decade now," and is a, "Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)," so he knows what he's talking about.


A Tuesday Laugh, Part Deux

You can find the first part of A Tuesday Laugh here.

Yes, blogographers, it's that time again: Tuesday. We're gonna laugh and bring a little levity to the blog, whether you want it or not! I dare you to scroll down without laughing even a little bit on the inside to these funny blogging pictures.

Go on.



Interesting Life Hacks, Infographics & Links

A little less than a week ago, I posted about "A little bit of this and not so much of that," a blog that focused on no particularly topic or niche. Now, I am not usually one to subject you to random blogs so frequently, my blogographers, but I am afraid I have come across another good one. :P
This one is Interesting Life Hacks, Infographics & Links, a blog whose purpose seems to be explained by the title. The blog is not entirely random, as it focuses on the three things listed above; other than that, though, it is a free-for-all.

The blog appears to be written by a paulz, a man of fewer words than pictures and videos. As shown through his posts, he prefers to let the media of the internet speak for itself rather than blather away incessantly about it. Gotta respect a man who can be succinct!

If you want something to keep you entertained throughout a boring day, then I would definitely recommend paulz's Life Hacks, Infographics & Links!


Jumbly Tumbly

Mmm, psychology. The type of subject that was literally built to get in your head, and rummage around in all of your dirty secrets and memories. As a self-aware species, we are entirely interested in the workings of our own self, especially that of the non-physical mind (as well as a bit of the physical mind, too) and maybe even a soul.

Our 'soul' or 'spirit' is often so widely interpreted that we've pretty much taken it to mean anything ethereal or wispy, but psychologists and various other social scientists work day by day to uncover the truth behind the soul. Is there really more to our minds than the gray matter and goop that sits in our skulls, or are we doomed to be bound to a physical world until we should wipe ourselves out?

All are questions that Jumbly Tumbly sets out to explore. In an uncomplicated approach, writer Supernova explains various experiments, concepts, and theories of the psychological studies world to us less-informed on the subject, but also goes the extra step to keep the reader interested.


A little bit of this and not so much of that

The blogs I write about almost always have a specific niche, whether it be technology, videogames, or even saving money in daily life. Not often enough to do I write about those simple blogs whose only goal is to entertain the reader with stories and images, a concept from the webdays of old.

This is because not often enough are there even good blogs to write about with this sort of premise. They're usually either so wild and unruly, or entirely uninteresting, that I can't see any reason to post them on my blog for featuring.


A Tuesday Laugh

Hey there, blogographers. I think you guys deserve a break from the serious tempo of this blog every now and again, so I believe we should give ourselves a bit of a chuckle or chortle, maybe even squeals and giggles. I dedicate Tuesdays on this blog to having a laugh about (what else?) blogging.



Big League Stew

There's something all of you blogographers out there should know: I love baseball. So, in addition to those certain niches that receive a lot more attention than others (i.e. gaming, gadgets, etc.), baseball will probably be seeing a lot more posts on my blog.

Today's post, then, is appropriately about baseball. This particular blog is Big League Stew, a blog run by Yahoo! Sports that focuses on MLB. If you want the most up-to-date news on whatever is going on in the MLB, Big League Stew has it for you.


Extra Ordinary

Alright, so today's post is a little less blog than it is webcomic (okay, a lot more webcomic), but I thought it was extraordinary (get it?) and should be shared with my readers.

In my opinion, Extra Ordinary is really quite enjoyable. It's funny in a random, internet-humor sort of way. It's very lighthearted and rarely, if ever, touches down on serious topics (unlike the contemporary Ctrl+Alt+Del). It's been highly popular on sites like Reddit, where it has achieved much attention when posted.



Travel is something that I feel everyone should experience, even if only a few times in their life. It's incredible just how different life is only a few hundred miles away -- even more so a few thousand miles!

Those of us that live the USA have the particularly lucky draw of being able to travel to fifty states without even leaving the country or speaking a different language.


Nostalgic Video Games

Today's feature on Blogographer is another video game blog (yes, another), but it's not just any ol' video game blog. The internet is inundated with blogs about gamers and gaming news, though every once in a while you come across an older games blog.

The one I've stumbled upon goes by the name of Nostalgic Video Games, a rather simple blog name. From what I can see, it's written by a one D_Homes (though older posts are attributed to 'Kryptic' whom I assume is the same person), who isn't a half-bad writer in my opinion.