GeekAlerts -- Geeky Gifts and Promotional Discount Codes!

Of course, the best part of Blogographer is the geekery -- ya know, being all about memes and gadgets. I, for one, can't take a step in my home without running into something geeky. Considering I cater to a readerbase a lot like myself, I also assume that is what many of you are like. So, if you are like me on money, too, you feel as if all of this geekery is practically bankrupting you.

What can you do about it? There are thousands, if not millions of sites claiming to have "good deals" and "awesome products." When, in fact, their merchandise is at least three steps removed from geek. "An arrow to the knee" is just not that funny, and by the Nine, it should not be on a shirt.

So, let me introduce the featured site today: GeekAlerts. If you want to give geeky gifts, gadget news, or discount coupons and promotional codes for some of the most awesome online stores and services, I can promise you there are few better places to go. I mean, just check out this wicked awesome doodad I discovered on their site, called the Mosser Decorative Terrarium:

My science senses are tingling.

Apparently, that sweet piece of plant is in so much demand, that the people who HAND-CRAFTED them (yes, hand-crafted -- like a boss) have to go back and make more. So I am sure you're thinking, "Well, if it is hand-crafted and awesome, it must cost a fortune," but you should stop flappin' your lips, because it's only $26. Twenty-six. That's also my magic number, which means guess who is going to freshen up their desk?