An interesting little blog I happened to find on the Bloggeries site is watocw, a blog self-described as such:

"We are an organization called WATOCW, and we are two guys who like technology and mischief (mostly the technology part, but we know how to blow off some steam from time to time). Our goal in making this site is to hopefully spread some information that you all will enjoy, and to basically create a central hub for all people to use. This site is for your avid computer users, programmers, and anyone interested in the field of technology."

Did someone say technology? :D

The topics covered on watocw aren't your average tech posts, usually. Sure, there's a bit of the iPhone here, and some LulzSec there, but overall there are some really interesting posts on such topics as BitCoin theft and the amount of information currently on and projected to be on the internet. It's actually quite interesting if you take the time to fully understand the implications.

The blog is very well set-up, in addition to content. The name of the blog is a bacronym for "We are the organization called WATOCW," thought up by the co-authors Clocwork and Shadowdrifter.

Interested in a good read on technology with a well-done blog? Check out watocw.


Electronic Music

Music taste varies widely, with the range of preference expanding from pop to metal, and even further beyond. Rarely does the interest of one individual match with another exactly, and this is the very interesting process that creates the unique collection of music.
One rising star of the music world is that of electronic music. Electronic music goes back a couple of decades, but never became truly popular until recently. Now, clubs play anything from techno to trance, house to drum and bass.

Whether or not you're a huge fan of one, or the other, if you're even remotely interested in electronic music of any kind, the blog Electronic Music can help you out there. Here's a taste of the music one can find on this blog:


Beauty In&Out

Beauty and fashion isn't everyone's forté -- especially not mine. I'm well-known for walking out in a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of sandals on just about any occasion. I can spot many people out there just like me (what they wear gives them away ;P), but it's always many times easier to pick out those who do care, because there are so many of them.

Today's "Friday Spotlight" for new but promising blogs is then, appropriately, Beauty In&Out, a blog about "Beauty, Fashion, Health." The writer, Ace, has so far proven to be an apt and able one, with incredibly useful information such as this:

"Relax the shoulders in the right frame or directed forward, not bent inwards. If you move forward too, lungs could be pressed and you will breathe harder."

This is just one of many subjects already covered on Beauty In&Out. Others include haircuts, healthy habits, and more! If you want to read this wonderful posts, go to Beauty In&Out and improve your life today!



As my readers might be able to tell by now, I have something for gadgets and technology. There's been quite a few blog posts now about them (see Geekologie, Techinit, TechEBlog) on Blogographer now, so perhaps it might be a time to give them a little rest -- but not before I drop one of the best tech gadget blogs out there currently.

I'm talking about Gizmodo. Now, this is one you've probably heard about or stumbled across in your time on the Internet, but there's still likely many who have not. This blog is an incredible technology blog that features the latest news in gadgets and tech. Of course, it doesn't cover all tech news there is to be had, but I've yet to find a blog that can.

The site lacks in one area, however: I always walk away from the articles with more questions than answers, and I have to look up much of the information that I was not provided with in the article itself. Some may say short is always better, but I say a bit more information may help. I will give it to them, though; they do give me the information in the first place to think about.

Upgrade your mind at Gizmodo.


Life Advice from Archimedes

Humanity has always been stricken and divided by our differences, whether it be religious, physical, etc. However, one thing that we all have in common at all times is that we have problems in our lives. Everyone, no matter how big or how small, experiences trouble at one point or another, and this unifying factor may just be what keeps some people's heads out of the clouds.

Just because they bring us together doesn't mean we can't work to solve them, though, so that we might hopefully enjoy ourselves more. Life Advice from Archimedes does just that. According to the writer, Archimedes, "Enough advice from women's magazines. They have never had a clue. I on the other hand can give you the truth, all based in facts and logic. leave the emotions at the door." The Reverend Archimedes is here to help.

Whether or not he is right in what he says is up to the reader (and there is much discussion, as displayed here, in the comments), of course, but from the looks of it, he has helped out a considerable number of people with his advice. It's obvious he has a good head on his shoulders, and much of the advice is easily agreed with. Sometimes it just takes other people to tell you what you need to do, and that's what he does.

Let the good reverend fix all of your problems at Life Advice from Archimedes.


a.k.a: human

I think it would be very appropriate to do a little "Friday Spotlight" on some new and promising blogs, every Friday. I'll peruse some more recently created blogs, find one with potential, and drop it here for everyone to enjoy. Hopefully, we can get these writers to continue into the world of blogging!

Today's "Friday Spotlight" goes to a.k.a: human, a "place where human emotion, and (some) human sexuality will be analyzed and questioned." The writer breaks down the basis of our minds, and presents personal, as well as professional, experience to not only validate an opinion, but open our mind to new ones. Readers will not leave the blog without at least having questioned their own emotions intensely.

After reading the posts myself, I couldn't help but be caught up in deep thought about who I am, and how I portray myself. There's quite a bit more to my psyche than I thought (no pun intended!). Question your mind at a.k.a: human.



If my readers haven't figured it out already (how could you not!), I'm a huge fan of tech and related subjects. There is something about the innovation involved with, and the insanely fun results of, technology. From diamond-studded watches to Australian hoverbikes, one can never get enough -- well, for the most part. I will admit some of these (read: most of these) are pretty ridiculous, but still quite enjoyable to read about.

Today's feature, TechEBlog, is a tech news blog, bringing you the most interesting in recent gadgets and gizmos. The blog doesn't just announce the news, though; there's also somewhat-frequented forums to discuss the latest, as well as a shopping deals section. Want to blow $100 on an incredible Darth Vader lightsaber that has the cool sounds and power-up/power-down lights? Here ya go.

One thing the blog could really use: a clean-up crew. The big drawback for this blog (at least, for me) is the clutter. I would expect that the posts get no comments because of the fact that it takes about a minute to scroll down to the comments section itself from the post. With a little work, the site could really launch.

Wanna get uploaded into the world of technology? Plug in to TechEBlog.


Bored Olives: Revisitied

I was thinking of what I could do to spice up Blogographer a bit, as well as thinking about how I can get people to visit those truly incredible blogs from the archives that I'm sure don't get seen much anymore. Inevitably, those two thoughts collided and meshed to make a great idea: "Blog" Revisited!

Every month, I will 'revisit' a blog that I have featured in the past, one that I believe truly deserves to be dug up and seen again by those readers who may not have had the chance to see it before (hopefully my readers aren't so transitory that this might be entirely necessary, but rather fun, haha!).

A little more than five months ago, in December of 2010, I did a blog feature on Bored Olives, one of my favorite blogs on the internet since the night I discovered it.

The blog, written by the affectionate Stephen Davis, is based on the supposedly true story of two star-crossed lovers (to use the perfect Shakespeare quote for the moment) who, when I first posted, seemed destined to skirt along the edges of passion and love eternally, their fates ever pulling them apart.

Well, it's quite easy to say that things have changed in the world of protagonists Dom and Stacey! I'll avoid serious spoilers, but to sum it up, the two have finally done something about their relationship, and drama is beginning to really sprout up around them on it! The story gets thicker and thicker with each new e-mail released.

Want to read more into this fantastically captivating plot? Revisit the great Bored Olives!


Update 06.12.11

I'd like to take a moment out of my normal posting schedule to tell all of my readers how much I appreciate that they value my opinion in blogging, and that they continually show their support for the blog by reading, commenting, and being generally amazing. With that said, I'd like to throw out a few important links of mine to those that do not already have them:

My reddit
My twitter
My digg

Thank you,


Info Pictures

Most of the blogs I feature are blogs with a specific purpose, whether that purpose is savings, dogs, physics, etc. Mostly, I tend to stray away from "random" or "my life" blogs because they're generally not interesting or don't hold our interest for long. One-shot wonders, they are.

However, sometimes there is a really good blog that is somewhat random, but in that is the main selling point: they are only somewhat random, such as in Info Pictures, a blog written by SweetShop. While not focusing on a specific subject, the niche is clear: infodocs.

Infodocs are fun pictures, usually quite long, that list out interesting information about a specific subject. They're far from boring; in fact, they utilize information in a way that will keep you quite enthralled. The information is compared against other information, such as WoW making more annually than the GDP of Samoa. Can you believe that?

If you want more interesting information, check out Info Pictures.



In my personal opinion, few things are more interesting in the universe than the universe itself -- the very cosmos that we live in, down to the very atoms that make us up. Only one force reigns supreme in these realms, and that force is physics.

TheCorridorTheories is a blog devoted to the discussion of physics, as well as other useful and interesting tidbits of life and whatnot. The blog's core purpose is to provide entertaining, yet relevant, information, whether it be the forces that rule everything or the forces that rule your checkbook.

As with many blog writers, Corridor takes a unique approach to his subject, writing from personal views and distinctions alongside other less opinionated sources. Combined, these methods form the basis of a great blog, and from the timespan that Corridor has been running his blog (since '09 now) we can see he's quite happy with the results (albeit, there is still a bit of work to be done with the layout and banner ;P).

Get your world rocked by physics and other 'matters' at TheCorridorTheories.


Being Frugal and Making It Work

It's that time again, where I show off a useful little coupon and savings blog by a smart mom. This time around, I'm choosing to display the blog Being Frugal and Making It Work, by Cheeky Momma. In her own words,

"I'm a crafty and frugal stay at home mother of 2. I'm all about being frugal and making the most out of my time and money with my family. I earn "extra" money and win prizes online that help my resources stretch farther for my family."

Oh yeah, 'frugal' is an understatement. On occasion, this woman is the queen of saving. She can stretch a dollar about as far as I can stretch twenty. Here's a list of some really good giveaway posts (another one of her fun activities on her blog):



Today's blog spotlight gets shined down upon icycooL's, a gaming blog that is set to feature reviews, rants, and whatnot about the gaming industry. It's fairly new, but the first post is definitely a promising read if games are your thing (even more so if you're a fan of Mass Effect or their developer, BioWare).

You'll find the style of his game reviews refreshing (one might say it's icy cool), as there's very little of the elitist attitude that follows the lines of 'all games suck, but there's some that suck less than others.' He also doesn't tout the popularity of a game as a strong point, like most game magazines do. Honestly, how often do you open GameInformer or some other game magazine just to see that the new Call of Duty or big-name game got a 10 or 9.5, while the others got medium scores?

If you're looking for a good blog to follow, icycooL's definitely has some promise! Check it out, he's even on my blogroll. ;D



Jazz is a respected class of music that everyone recognized as a beautiful art, whether or not they actually like the music itself. It's become tradition to imagine those passionate artists, blowing away at the saxophone with all of their heart in their favorite melodies.

Jazzcats is a blog that reflects that passion - in writing. The writer, Spongeworthy, is particularly enthusiastic about his favorite genre of music, and is sure to make you at least a little more interested in it yourself. You can't ignore the loving descriptions he entwines in his posts.

On the blog itself, I am impressed. The layout is wonderfully done, with six useful post-boxes on the front page that give a short impression of the post, as well as a comment button. There's even a music player on the right-hand side of the page. To add to it, he has his own custom domain, jazzcats.org.

Get jazzed at JazzCats!