Comic Utopia

I'm one big fan of comic-book superheroes, largely Marvel and DC ones. As any fan knows, though, keeping up with all of the new characters, plots, series, etc., can be more of a hassle than most other genres. So count your blessings, nerds and geeks: Comic Utopia is here to save the day!

Comic Utopia is a blog about (you guessed it) comics. Utopia really is the correct word to describe it, too; it's got reviews of comics almost constantly, and they'll help you keep on top of the superhero world. Here's a little sample of his posts:

"Bruce Banner, as a child, was extremely intelligent, but hid his emotional suffering that was caused by his father killing his step-mother because of her love for Bruce and Bruce's fathers feelings that his research in atomic science had given him a mutated son. Being raised by his aunt, Bruce became a successful nuclear physicist for the United States Defense Department. Bruce fell in love with Betty Ross, the daughter of the base commander, Thunderbolt Ross. Bruce was assigned with constructing a Gamma Bomb. During a test, Bruce seen a civilian in the test area, he entered, saving Rick Jones. However he did not have enough time to save himself and the bomb ignited and Bruce was irradiated with radioactive gamma particles. Instead of being killed by the radiation, Bruce Banner was transformed into a large, strong, grey-skinned monster labelled the Hulk."

What are you waiting for, superpowers? Get on over to Comic Utopia.



I don't know how many of my readers out there are really students, but hopefully enough of that demographic finds this post and says, "Wow, that was really helpful," because that is certainly what came to my mind when I came upon this gem.

On Monday, I blogged about the Blog University; today, I blog about TheUniversityBlog. As the name implies, TheUniversityBlog focuses on university and college. This blog's intention is to provide helpful information on a wide range of academia-related subjects, from "employability" to the secrets of success.

In the words of the blog's writer, Martin, "[if] I can find an angle on the academic, I’m interested. I’ve been embracing academia since 1997 when I wasn’t even yet a student." It's quite apparent that Martin knows what he's talkin' about, and that he quite enjoys it.

Perhaps it's time you got schooled at TheUniversityBlog?


Easy Affordable Tasty Food

A delicious blog is being cooked up over at Easy Affordable Tasty Food!

I recently found this tasty piece of work on the Bloggeries forum, where blog writers congregate to discuss, optimize, and show off their blog. After stumbling upon it, I began to peruse the selection of dishes that the blog's mysterious (his name is found nowhere on the blog, as far as I can tell) creator posted.

Needless to say, I immediately had to make myself some of the food.

What's better about this blog than the easy meals that you can whip up real quick is that every post has step-by-step instructions, and each step is partnered with a representative picture! If you usually get lost while following cookbooks and recipe guides, this should increasingly simplify the procedure.

Why waste another second hungy? Get cooking with Easy Affordable Tasty Food.



With the advent of simple blogging, available to people of all walks of life and styles, the number of personal blogs has soared to incredible proportions. A reader can find just about anything they want, from excellent culinary choices in the city of their desire, to how to play the latest and greatest games with ease. Everybody can, and does, blog.

What makes my blog stick out, though? This is the question all half-decent blog writers should (and most likely will) inevitably encounter. It's important to consider whether or not your blog will actually draw readers, or simply collect cyber dust.

If this is your dilemma, then Annie is here to save the day. She's the writer for the immensely popular "BlogU," which is a crash course in good blog design. BlogU (a clever name devised to mean "Blog University") features a minimalist, but exceedingly elegant, design that reflects the author's ability to cleanly and professionally construct strong blogs.

If you want to hone your skills as a master blog-fu ninja, get clickin' to BlogU and learn something!


a blog about dogs

Just about everybody loves animals - especially dogs. We may be fond of dogs for their cuteness, or their loyalty, or whatever it is that satisfies each specific person; but one thing we know for sure is that we LOVE dogs!

Fox terrier.
A blog about dogs is written by Leo, who is (surprise! surprise!) a dog lover himself. Leo hails from Argentina, and has even made a post about a dog that originates from his homeland (the Dogo Argentino). He takes great pride in his work on the blog, even getting a custom URL and design!

Sadly, there are not more dog blogs out there. We may be able to contribute this to the absurd amount of kitten and cat blogs (lookin' at you, icanhazcheezburger). Hopefully, with the work of blogs like a blog about dogs, this will change!

Woof! Woof! Paw on over to a blog about dogs.