SEOmoz -- Effectively Manage Your SEO and Monitor Your Social Media

SEOmoz is a terrific website with a plethora of information on how to improve your website's influx of visitors, as well as to improve the content that your visitors are exposed to on your site. I highly suggest giving it at least a quick read, to determine if it can be of help (which, I assure you, it can!).

I have used SEOmoz for research into the wonderful world of SEO (aka search engine optimization), and I gotta say, I couldn't be happier. I can't say it's the best website for optimization out there, but I will say that it has helped me build a legitimately stronger version of Blogographer.


GeekAlerts -- Geeky Gifts and Promotional Discount Codes!

Of course, the best part of Blogographer is the geekery -- ya know, being all about memes and gadgets. I, for one, can't take a step in my home without running into something geeky. Considering I cater to a readerbase a lot like myself, I also assume that is what many of you are like. So, if you are like me on money, too, you feel as if all of this geekery is practically bankrupting you.

What can you do about it? There are thousands, if not millions of sites claiming to have "good deals" and "awesome products." When, in fact, their merchandise is at least three steps removed from geek. "An arrow to the knee" is just not that funny, and by the Nine, it should not be on a shirt.

So, let me introduce the featured site today: GeekAlerts. If you want to give geeky gifts, gadget news, or discount coupons and promotional codes for some of the most awesome online stores and services, I can promise you there are few better places to go. I mean, just check out this wicked awesome doodad I discovered on their site, called the Mosser Decorative Terrarium:

My science senses are tingling.

Apparently, that sweet piece of plant is in so much demand, that the people who HAND-CRAFTED them (yes, hand-crafted -- like a boss) have to go back and make more. So I am sure you're thinking, "Well, if it is hand-crafted and awesome, it must cost a fortune," but you should stop flappin' your lips, because it's only $26. Twenty-six. That's also my magic number, which means guess who is going to freshen up their desk?



Today's blog feature is one for the auto enthusiasts, as well as those who may not necessarily be auto enthusiasts but might enjoy checking out some (cool) cars. This particular site goes by the very odd name of shirtstuckedin, which the writer explains he came up with when, "[just] over 14 months ago I was out one night on my BMX with a mate getting some fresh air when I randomly said I was going to start a blog called shirtstuckedin, at the time I had my tee tucked in as it was a little cold."


Awesome and odd name aside, the site has a whole buttload of kick-ass photographs of even more kick-ass cars, from all over the place. The author, a one Casey John Dhnaram, seems to quite enjoy Japanese stuff as well, as the blog is rife with kanji and kata. Even better, he ain't a half-bad photographer!


candy for breakfast

Everybody likes to have a good laugh, right? Look at sites that are/were popular, like reddit, icanhascheezburger, and funnyjunk; all examples of places were a lot of funny stuff goes down (even if on reddit, it is often unintentional). Few things are as straight-up funny as comics are on the internet, though. VG Cats, Ctrl+Alt+Del, and Penny Arcade for the gamers out there; Explosm/Cyanide and Happiness for the rest of ya!

Smaller sites are often forgotten about on the internet, as we all know. Comics that are not as instantly successful or popular as the ones I mentioned above usually float in some sort of limbo. They are very under-appreciated, but there is one thing we can do to help out those out there who do not get enough good word solely on their work: spread the word!


Twitter Blog

Following the steam generated by last feature's post on The Mozilla Blog, I bring you today's featured blog: Twitter Blog. Similar to The Mozilla Blog, Twitter Blog brings you all you need to know about the incredibly popular twitter social media service that has taken the internet by storm (almost as much as facebook!).

Naturally, trying to stay updated on the internet can be a hassle. As is the nature of technology and information, they must evolve constantly. Many people may get swept up in this thrashing river of change, but fear not; reading blogs and news sites on the subjects that interest you the most is perhaps the best way to stay in-touch.

Here is a bit from Twitter Blog to get the ball rollin':