The Doctor Who Blog

Hey there, blogographers. It's no secret that I am a fan of geekery and whatnot, and so today I bring you a blog on something notorious among the geek world: Doctor Who. That's right, the longest running sci-fi television show that is still, to this day, played on BBC.

This blog is appropriately named The Doctor Who Blog (often the most simply named blogs are the most successful) and it's very informative on the show. If you want to hear the news first, then this is the blog to go to.

I personally recommend The Doctor Who Blog if you're a fan of the series. Check it out!


The Dharblog

Here's a little something for those of you who enjoy webcomics - The Dharblog, a blog off-shoot of the "Dharbin!" site by cartoonist Dustin Harbin. His whole site is interesting, as a matter of fact, and more than just the blog should be considered.

I have even personally used his website tutorials to improve my own art. While he isn't a perfect artist (though, since art is subjective, it can't really be 'perfect'), he does know how it's done.


Interior Design Style Guide

Interior design is, as the InteriorDesign community on reddit defines it:
  1. The trade of planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior.
  2. The process of decorating a space to make it more pleasing to the eye, and more comfortable for people to be in.
Well, one can't just magically make his or her space optimally 'pleasing to the eye' or 'comfortable for people to be in' without a little help from those who know what they are talking about, which is exactly why today's blog feature is the Interior Design Style Guide blog.


Project Earth Rover

Does anyone remember the post I did recently on the Hampture blog, where an underwater society of hamsters was constructed for science (successfully, I might add)? If you don't, I suggest you go back and read up on it, as there's a lot of interesting (and insane) stuff in that post.

This time, I bring you the same author on a different project. For the sake of science, and battling squirrels, he has decided to do initiate Project Earth Rover, an experiment to see if remotely operated robots can do exploring for us through the forests and terrain, in a safe environment.


BlackJack's Finest Music

Music is something everyone seems to love. It's such a staple in the lists of people's interests that many of us don't even consider it anymore. It's basically assumed that everyone loves music, and that's because it's pretty much the truth.

Have you ever met someone who didn't enjoy music? No favorite bands, artists, or songs? Yeah, me neither.


One Four Zero

So I happened to be talking to an internet acquaintance of mine from the Philippines, and he linked me to his blog. Many blogs I get linked to are half-baked attempts at a little internet infamy, and quickly crumble away. However, when I checked out his blog, I was pleasantly surprised.

I found that it was very well done, with a custom layout and all. It's not a bad layout at all, either, if you ask me. So, I decided to do a bit of reading through his posts, and I get my second shocker: they're well-written!


Pink Floyd Archive by MAROON3D

Syd Barrett, gentlemen. Seriously.

Oh boy, do I have a treat for you today! You like Pink Floyd, right? Right? Of course you do! Who doesn't like Pink floyd?

Those damn commies, that's who. Are you a commie, huh? HUH?!

Nah, I didn't think so, and thus I think you'll find this quite amusing. I stumbled across a blog on my epic odyssey through the Blogosphere about Pink Floyd. Apparently, it seems to be an archive of music and where to get it of Pink Floyd and it's constituent band members' solo careers.



Hey there, blogographer. I have a question for you, and I want you to answer completely honestly. If you give us the truth, no one will get in trouble, okay?

Are you a YouTube addict?


I Chose Hampture

I have unearthed what can, simply, only be described as the most awesome thing to happen to the blogosphere since I stopped hearing about Perez Hilton's largely worthless opinion on everything from everyone.

This monumental discovery is that of the blog I chose Hampture, whose by-line reads, "The scientific pursuit of underwater hamster objectivism." To rephrase that in a way that even remotely means something, this gem of a blog is seriously about a friggin' Hamster Rapture (or, more appropriately, Hampture).


The Digital Bullshit of Killerkun

Hey there, blogographers! I know it's a bit hard to get going on Mondays (boy, are they rough) so, just for you, I thought I'd start the week with a blog that's a little less serious and more fun. ;D

WARNING: Today's blog may contain NSFW material. Please continue with caution.

Today's featured blog is The Digital Bullshit of Killerkun, an art blog by the eponymous Killerkun (a super-awesome Art Institute drop-out!). In addition to showcasing some of the art he creates, it serves as a somewhat personal blog. Every post seems to contain some sort of interesting artwork of his, with a little bit of post.

If you like what you see from the pictures in this post, then please visit The Digital Bullshit of Killerkun and let him know! I'm sure he would much appreciate it.


Full HD Wallpapers

If you're a computer owner, whether or not it be laptop or desktop, PC or Mac, you have probably worried about your desktop wallpaper at one point or another. Well, here's a chance to have a new one all the time, and never have to worry about low-res or finding a good one.

Today's featured blog is Full HD Wallpapers. I know, not a very original or stand-out name, but it does serve its purpose practically (which is something I can't say for ninety-nine percent of brandings). Apparently, the site is created by Visionals, but I couldn't tell you who they are or what they do (due to a bit of a language barrier).

The important thing, though is that they really do provide when it comes to sweet, high-def wallpapers. Never a disappointment! Here's a few great ones I found:

Pimp out your desktop with some sweet wallpapers from Full HD Wallpapers.