Happy Cosmic Zombie Resurrection (with Bunnies) Day!

Also, peeps.
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, finding many plastic eggs full of interesting little candies and things.

Celebrate the revival of the zombie son of the Sky God with bunnies and sugary marshmallow chicken!

~Randall A.



One of the most popular subjects in our day and age is technology, and the writer at Techinit knows that well.

Techinit, a blog on (you guessed it!) technology, is written by Willy Wade, a self-proclaimed nerd and guru with tech. If you visited his blog, you'd proclaim it, too! Sometimes, the tech talk is actually almost a bit confusing, but then again, I may just not know enough myself.

Here's an example of what you can expect:

"HTC Sensation (EngadgetGizmodo)

  • Despite being a pretty evangelical HTC user, I've never really liked HTC's Sense UI. But with it's 3rd incarnation upon us, it looks set to finally take my heart. If that doesn't go to plan, I bet this girl would FLY with a stock ROM on her."
While the content is wonderful, this particular blog could use some improvements. The most noticeable would be to the design of the site. The light green doesn't really flatter the blog as well as it should, and it's a pretty plain layout. Another problem is that there's an obscene lack of pictures, especially on a blog where people are dying to see what it being talked about.

However, Techinit's content redeems the blog and keeps me coming back. For the latest on tech, whether it be phones or game systems, check out Techinit.


L.A. Noire Videos

Everybody has heard of the infamous Grand Theft Auto series - whether it be because of having played the game, or just through those rumors about 'hot coffee' and such. They are so popular that their developer, Rockstar Games, has boomed out to lead alongside other major developers at the head of the gaming industry. So whenever they announce a new game, it's sure to rustle some interest; so, then, what is their next game?

The answer to the question is L.A. Noire. Of the game, Wikipedia says, "As the title suggests, the game draws heavily from both plot and aesthetic elements of film noir - stylistic films from the 1940s and 1950s that shared similar visual styles and themes including crime, sex and moral ambiguity and were often shot in black and white with harsh, low-key lighting. The game uses a distinctive coloring-style in homage to the visual style of film noir. The post-war setting is the backdrop for plot elements that reference the detective films of the '40s, such as corruption and drugs, with a classical jazz soundtrack."

Of course, this game has spawned many posts on blogs and on the internet in general. One particularly interesting post is not just a post at all - rather, an entire blog, focused on L.A. Noire. It flaunts mostly pictures and videos, but there is an occasional tidbit of information. If you're interested in the newest project for the notorious Rockstar, check out L.A. Noire Videos.