Bored Olives: Revisitied

I was thinking of what I could do to spice up Blogographer a bit, as well as thinking about how I can get people to visit those truly incredible blogs from the archives that I'm sure don't get seen much anymore. Inevitably, those two thoughts collided and meshed to make a great idea: "Blog" Revisited!

Every month, I will 'revisit' a blog that I have featured in the past, one that I believe truly deserves to be dug up and seen again by those readers who may not have had the chance to see it before (hopefully my readers aren't so transitory that this might be entirely necessary, but rather fun, haha!).

A little more than five months ago, in December of 2010, I did a blog feature on Bored Olives, one of my favorite blogs on the internet since the night I discovered it.

The blog, written by the affectionate Stephen Davis, is based on the supposedly true story of two star-crossed lovers (to use the perfect Shakespeare quote for the moment) who, when I first posted, seemed destined to skirt along the edges of passion and love eternally, their fates ever pulling them apart.

Well, it's quite easy to say that things have changed in the world of protagonists Dom and Stacey! I'll avoid serious spoilers, but to sum it up, the two have finally done something about their relationship, and drama is beginning to really sprout up around them on it! The story gets thicker and thicker with each new e-mail released.

Want to read more into this fantastically captivating plot? Revisit the great Bored Olives!


  1. Oh wow, you were right, this is a good blog!

  2. Great to see how this is progressing!

  3. I love your reviews man :)
    Keep them coming please

  4. I'm going to check it out now, you have me curious. :D

  5. Enjoyed the review + good blog you have here, will be checking back

  6. Awww this blog is awesome! Thank you for sharing it!!! :D