As my readers might be able to tell by now, I have something for gadgets and technology. There's been quite a few blog posts now about them (see Geekologie, Techinit, TechEBlog) on Blogographer now, so perhaps it might be a time to give them a little rest -- but not before I drop one of the best tech gadget blogs out there currently.

I'm talking about Gizmodo. Now, this is one you've probably heard about or stumbled across in your time on the Internet, but there's still likely many who have not. This blog is an incredible technology blog that features the latest news in gadgets and tech. Of course, it doesn't cover all tech news there is to be had, but I've yet to find a blog that can.

The site lacks in one area, however: I always walk away from the articles with more questions than answers, and I have to look up much of the information that I was not provided with in the article itself. Some may say short is always better, but I say a bit more information may help. I will give it to them, though; they do give me the information in the first place to think about.

Upgrade your mind at Gizmodo.


  1. I'm one of those whom you correctly predicted had not seen or heard of it before; will check it out now, thanks ;>

  2. IMO Gizmodo are good, but when it comes to reviews they seem to be a little biases toward companies.

  3. I'd heard of this blog but I'd never been there until now..it's pretty cool! I like the Ramen making machine :]

  4. Awesome website another one of my daily sites I visit.

  5. I check them out every time I want to buy a new gadget... Don't always agree with them, but still a good site to know.