Jazz is a respected class of music that everyone recognized as a beautiful art, whether or not they actually like the music itself. It's become tradition to imagine those passionate artists, blowing away at the saxophone with all of their heart in their favorite melodies.

Jazzcats is a blog that reflects that passion - in writing. The writer, Spongeworthy, is particularly enthusiastic about his favorite genre of music, and is sure to make you at least a little more interested in it yourself. You can't ignore the loving descriptions he entwines in his posts.

On the blog itself, I am impressed. The layout is wonderfully done, with six useful post-boxes on the front page that give a short impression of the post, as well as a comment button. There's even a music player on the right-hand side of the page. To add to it, he has his own custom domain, jazzcats.org.

Get jazzed at JazzCats!


  1. I've always been into jazz, it's brilliant!

  2. oh i also know that one, i got there all the time haha

  3. There's some jazz that I like. Been to that link quite a few times myself. : /