Sleep Journal

Have you ever been asleep, dreaming the awesome dreams that I'm sure we all do, when you're awakened suddenly and feel the need to record your dream for all to see? This would be a Sleep Journal, which is the title of the blog written by Alex (aka Xryth) in which he speculates about the nature of the dream state and reality, as well as records his lucid sleep experiences.

Alex/Xryth doesn't have much down so far, and has only started this project recently. The power that rocketed it to one of the top spots in my blog reading list, though, is visible in a post entitled 'Dreams: The Blueprints of Reality.' In it, he makes such points as:

"I first thought of the definition of 'real' being 'something that is tangible, and solid.' If that is your definition of real, then certainly your waking life is not real, as per the fact that you only perceive objects in your mind."
     -Alex (Xryth) of Sleep Journal

While much of his philosophy is nothing new (see Descartes and his 'evil daemon'), it is thought-provoking, and is refreshing to the mind. Xryth can get this information into an understandable, impressive  packet of a post for those of us who do not want to read books upon books for one such idea. This is a layman's deep philosophy.

Work your mind at Sleep Journal, unless you don't believe the mind is real enough to be worked out.


  1. Yep! In-fact I just started my own sleep journal after watching a video on lucid dreaming. :)

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