I think that at this point in history, the majority of teenager and young adult Americans online would classify themselves as 'geeks' or 'nerds' in some respect. That's good news for Geekologie, which is a blog dedicated to -- you guessed it -- geeky stuff.

"Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome," are their main topics, as they so confidently declare on their site's header. They aren't kidding about the 'awesome', either, with posts on such topics as real life Mario Kart to crazy predictions of planets four times the size of Jupiter in our solar system (now with pseudo-scientific evidence!) . Though the 'gadgets and gizmos' part is scarce, the writers at Geekologie do cover a wide variety of other topics, most of them silly.

Here's a bit from the blog about a replica Grayskull Castle made of snow:

"This is a Castle Grayskull igloo built in Brooklyn, NY by artist Kilroy III and some of his friends. As you can see, it's pretty f***ing awesome. Well, provided you can get past how it looks like it was designed to fit 400 of Frosty's wieners in its mouth. Other than that though, totally sweet."

However good the blog, though, it does have one problem: you can't even find out who the writer is for any particular post. Unless I'm missing something, these writers are as elusive as an attractive woman who isn't insane. We'll just have to live with that, though it really is a shame that the readers can't identify with any specific writer.

Regardless, Geekologie is a surprisingly good read, and even if it doesn't quite fit your tastes in writing, you should at least give it a look. So, geek out with your deek out at Geekologie!

Oh man, I'm never gonna live that one down.


  1. Totally following them. That sounds right up my alley.

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one who loves He-Man.

  3. I didn't know the existence of geekologie blog. Looks very interesting. But for sure, I wouldn't make a replica of Grayskull castle for any reason :D

  4. everyone loves a little bit of geek sheik. im going to check out that site more often.

  5. this blog looks awesome, and super geek lol!

  6. Ive been going there for a while now I love it!you should also check out I watch stuff!

  7. I'm gonna watch this blog to see if any awesome geeky products get reviewed.

  8. 'So, geek out with your deek out at Geekologie!'


    Oh wait, I'm not sposed to laugh at that?


  9. Aww man, the picture no longer shows... By the power of grayskull RETURN!