Who Wrote This Crap?

...and What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome?

Entertainment is at our core, demanding every ounce of respectable time that we have. When we don't quench that hunger, we're 'bored,' and anyone knows just how much we, as thinking human beings, despise being 'bored.' Movies are the centerpiece of entertainment, and though other forms of media are quickly overtaking it, the cinema industry holds strong. When you're dealing with hundreds of billions of dollars, though, it's not really all that hard. They could always use a little help though, right?

That's where Smokin D comes in. He authors the Who Wrote This Crap? blog, which features his succinct, to-the-point movie reviews. He writes about such movies as Wanted, Machete, and the ever-annoying Sweeney Todd. I gotta give him credit for having such an eclectic, varied taste (that, or he's incredibly unbiased; either are commendable).

His blog often promotes movies in a themed 'Week' format. His most recent themed week (as linked above) was What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome? and it featured five movies that, save for Machete, I think were really quite silly-awesome indeed. You don't have to agree with his tastes to like his blog (because, honestly, no one ever agrees on cinema taste).

Get watchin' Smokin D's Who Wrote This Crap?, and get watchin' some movies.


  1. personally, and this is in response to the "Wanted" poster, i think angelina jolie is one of the top overrated actresses of our time. has she even made a good movie in the 21st century?


  2. Thank you so very much for the review of me, although the thought of reviewing a reviewer seems a little redundant to me. It was very flattering, and I am always looking for suggestions for my reviews.

  3. @Candlej-: Well, considering men's attraction to her, she probably gets a lot of movie roles due to her looks. However, she's a much better actor than many; are you aware that the movies she stars in are not also written by her? If a movie sucks, it's not usually the actor/actress who messed it up, but the director or writer.

    @Smokin D: Many blogs are reviews of other things, even if it's just a review of every day life. Besides, redundant means stating the same point over in the same place; this is not that.

    ~Randall A.

  4. Leonard Maltin gave this piece of crap 3/4 stars. Can you believe it?

  5. Cool blog, I checked him out and he does a great job.