Before we start, if you don't know what Minecraft is, please see the Wikipedia article, the official site, and a  good wiki. Perhaps even buy the game (we all know you want to, now!).

Minecraft, the official sponsor of Minecraft.
Minecraft -- the massive, ├╝berawesome game of Legos that we always wished for. It's a sandbox for that six year-old boy or girl at the back of your mind (or the front, for some manchildren and ladykids). Thanks to the skilled game developer and programmer Notch, this game is constantly expanding into something that is more than just a sandbox game. For some people, it's becoming a bonafide hobby of it's own.

Naturally, many other websites and shoot-offs are developing from it, such as the insanely tedious-to-run Ace of Spades and texture packs. One especially notable site revolving around the topic goes by the name of CraftHub.

Blogographer. Blogging about.. blogs..
CraftHub shows off a variety of very intricate and developed works in the Minecraft world, as created by the players brick-by-brick, literally. Hell, they're almost as good as the pros over at /r/minecraft (that's right, that was a shout-out for the fellows on reddit). Here's a few of the intricate and amazing works I picked up from my trip over there:

Hey baby, do you like hot air balloons?
The Magnificent Kingdom of Adacia
"For all you medieval kingdoms lovers out there, take a look at this. The Kingdom of Adacia. Some of you may have heard of Minecrafter McHolyPotato, as he has turned out to be some sort of wonderful medieval builder!"
SoOoOoOo realistic!
Shaded Water
"This mod is simple and by god it’s amazing. It’s a Water Shader created by Necrowizzard. I recently got a tip from CraftHub reader Jeremy Karlsson and I was in for a surprise. Never in my life would I ever think Minecraft would have such beautiful water."

We're off to see the wizard!
Wizard of Oz's Emerald City

"We all know about the famous story of the Wizard of Oz. And who could forgot of the iconic location that is Emerald City? Well, one Minecraft user thought it’d be a good idea to recreate it all and by Zeus’s beard he did!"

Interested in checking out more on Minecraft and the epic constructions the players create, or perhaps even some awesome textures? Then go ahead and visit CraftHub.


  1. I'm always hearing about this non stop, suppose I should get to trying it out lol, thanks for the info!

  2. I don't know Minecraft as well, but I heard a lot of good things about this game.

  3. Boss post! You pimped it since I last saw it?!

  4. The sheer amount of stuff you can do in this game is incredible. I could spend hours just exploring the world haha.

  5. Very good post. Gotta love this game :D

  6. Awesome I really wanna get into minecraft but havn't had the chance XD