Kotaku, the Gamer's Guide

Welcome to the third and final post in the Gamer Week series here on Blogographer! The previous two features in the series were Destructoid and That VideoGame Blog; check them out to get up-to-date on the Gamer Week featured blogs.

Today's post is on an incredibly well-known blog, especially in the videogaming industry: Kotaku. This particular blog is actually a part of a larger network of sites known as the Gawker Media blog network. Previously reviews blogs in the Gawker Media include Jalopnik, an automobile blog, and Gizmodo, a technology and gadgetry blog.

When it comes to gaming blogs, cynical and often humorous articles are nothing new. The people who pen the posts are almost always gamers themselves, and it is common knowledge that gamers are some of the least serious people around (i.e. Angry Birds, the GTA series, and the subtly dark humor in nearly all Bethesda games, to name a few). However, to keep a successful gaming blog, childishness and maturity must work in a perfect tandem.

That is exactly how one might describe Kotaku. The videogames blog perfects the equilibrium between the two traits, being sure to utilize the positive aspects of both. What is even more impressive is that the further it delves into its characteristic youthful approach, the more it seems like the work of a mature, hard-working adult in the videogaming world. Funny how that works, eh?

So if you want to see the first-rate gaming blog for yourself, and the grand finale of Gamer Week here on Blogographer, then check out Kotaku!


  1. I'm not actually a fan of Kotaku. I used to read it, but over time I started to realise that they'd often either post garbage, literally copy and paste the article they're sourcing, or post flame bait for views. There wasn't really much substance from the place.

    They've been caught taking things out of context for their own usage too, which is what journalists do, but I still find it pretty ridiculous.

  2. Kotaku isn't my favourite blog but I sometimes check them out for news.

  3. I've heard people talking about Kotaku all the time, but I've never been there until just now. I like it!

  4. I was looking forward this post :)
    awesome job

  5. ive been watching some of the reviews, i liek some and some others dont, gotta chekc it out some more, hehehe thx

  6. Now, you mentioned the mighty 3 blogs/professional sites that are really top-of-the-pops on the Internet. I don't know much about Kotaku, but Jalopnik is famous for revealing various new and highly awaited cars and posting spy photos of prototypes. Really, great sites.