One Four Zero

So I happened to be talking to an internet acquaintance of mine from the Philippines, and he linked me to his blog. Many blogs I get linked to are half-baked attempts at a little internet infamy, and quickly crumble away. However, when I checked out his blog, I was pleasantly surprised.

I found that it was very well done, with a custom layout and all. It's not a bad layout at all, either, if you ask me. So, I decided to do a bit of reading through his posts, and I get my second shocker: they're well-written!

Now, I know people from other countries can often speak English just fine. It's the writing that is a problem, even for Americans who have heard nothing but their home language! This Filipino writer put even those who speak English as their first language to shame.

His posts also have a lot of interesting topics, ranging from videogames to shows, movies to gadgets. Every time he posts (which, albeit, isn't a whole ton) I find something new and interesting. His blog is One Four Zero; you should go check it out! ;D


  1. Seems just like my kind of blog. Thanks for the heads up, will have to look at it more thoroughly later.

  2. I liked it. Loving the design...

  3. I'm the opposite. I know how to write in english perfectly fine, but i can't pronounce a word of it