Project Earth Rover

Does anyone remember the post I did recently on the Hampture blog, where an underwater society of hamsters was constructed for science (successfully, I might add)? If you don't, I suggest you go back and read up on it, as there's a lot of interesting (and insane) stuff in that post.

This time, I bring you the same author on a different project. For the sake of science, and battling squirrels, he has decided to do initiate Project Earth Rover, an experiment to see if remotely operated robots can do exploring for us through the forests and terrain, in a safe environment.

Here's a bit from the first post:

"Although I still plan to expand Hampture, I have too many ideas to spend all of my time on a single project. This is an idea I've played around with for years; a telepresence robot that you can control over the internet, stationed in the middle of a forest, using a solar panel/battery pack combo to keep the robot charged as well as the mobile 3G/4G hotspot that provides connectivity.

What if you could explore a deep forest at work? Or between classes? Would you draw what you see? Do battle with squirrels? What if multiple people could explore the woods together, via their own separate robots? Would you form expedition parties? Pester racoons? Challenge bears? The potential here is pretty obvious, I think."

Don't tell me you don't want to challenge a bear to a group raid with 40 of your buddies? It would give a whole new meaning to 'Dire Maul.' As if 'DM' doesn't have too many meanings already (lookin' at you, Deadmines and Dungeon Masters).

If you're interested (how could you not be?!) check out Project Earth Rover.

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