The Mozilla Blog

So many people on the internet have switched to Mozilla Firefox, from tech-savvy grannies to computarded teenagers, that it has become one of the leading browsers for internet browsing (and, arguably, the best of them all). This all despite the fact that it promotes ideas and philosophies that most non-technical people can barely grasp, like open-source software.

What can you do to improve your webertoire (web and repertoire, heh) when it comes to the huge non-profit company Mozilla? Easy -- just read The Mozilla Blog! That is right, you can go to one site to keep up-to-date on all information coming from Mozilla, easily and effectively.

Here is a sample of what you could find over at The Mozilla Blog:

Check it out: The Mozilla Blog!


  1. I'm a Chrome user but Firefox is still pretty awesome.

  2. I know the reason... Mozilla Firefox is the best...f**k the rest :))

  3. Yeah, I use chrome and firefox. I love aurora (mozilla program also) as well.