candy for breakfast

Everybody likes to have a good laugh, right? Look at sites that are/were popular, like reddit, icanhascheezburger, and funnyjunk; all examples of places were a lot of funny stuff goes down (even if on reddit, it is often unintentional). Few things are as straight-up funny as comics are on the internet, though. VG Cats, Ctrl+Alt+Del, and Penny Arcade for the gamers out there; Explosm/Cyanide and Happiness for the rest of ya!

Smaller sites are often forgotten about on the internet, as we all know. Comics that are not as instantly successful or popular as the ones I mentioned above usually float in some sort of limbo. They are very under-appreciated, but there is one thing we can do to help out those out there who do not get enough good word solely on their work: spread the word!

This is why, today, I feature a (crudely) funny webcomicblogthing named candy for breakfast, by a very odd character named 'etsy.' Check it out here, and leave what you think in the comments below. If the feedback is largely good, I will throw her up on the Blogographer Bloglist/Blogroll, and hopefully help her out! If not, well... we all know what happens to websites that do not curry the favor of the internet.


Ahem. Excuse me. Back on track, also leave your blog/website somewhere in the comments section, and I will pick the best comment in the comment's section to feature on the Bloglist/Blogroll alongside this blog and many other great sites. Remember: long does not necessarily mean good.

In the meantime, enjoy some of etsy's work from candy for breakfast:

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