Today's blog feature is one for the auto enthusiasts, as well as those who may not necessarily be auto enthusiasts but might enjoy checking out some (cool) cars. This particular site goes by the very odd name of shirtstuckedin, which the writer explains he came up with when, "[just] over 14 months ago I was out one night on my BMX with a mate getting some fresh air when I randomly said I was going to start a blog called shirtstuckedin, at the time I had my tee tucked in as it was a little cold."


Awesome and odd name aside, the site has a whole buttload of kick-ass photographs of even more kick-ass cars, from all over the place. The author, a one Casey John Dhnaram, seems to quite enjoy Japanese stuff as well, as the blog is rife with kanji and kata. Even better, he ain't a half-bad photographer!

Below, you can find a couple of photographs straight from his site. Be sure to check it out if you enjoy these even a bit, because he has a lot.



  1. I have to admit I am very impressed with the quality of your blog. It is certainly a pleasure to read as I do enjoy your posts.

  2. great, i love my car! you got another follower :D +1