Technology isn't the only recurring theme on my blog, it would appear -- it seems that automobiles are making their way steadily to becoming a staple here on Blogographer. Today's post just further hammers the point, as the feature is on an incredibly popular automobile (and related) blog, well-known on the internet and in the automobile world.

That blog is Jalopnik, one of the infamous Gawker Media blogs. I recently blogged about another Gawker Media blog, known as Gizmodo. Sister blogs aside, Jalopnik has established itself as a powerful blog regardless of it's affiliations, covering up-to-date automobile news while still staying interesting. Here's an example of a post one might find there:

"Remember the playground bully? The kid twice your size who repeated first grade just so he could be larger and stronger? In the automotive world, that bully's name is Bugatti, and I just saw him back down from a fight with something even more menacing. 

I've had enough of Veyron this and the world's fastest car that. I'm over it. And so is John Hennessey. John has been shaking up the automotive playground since he first showed up years ago with his Hennessey Venom 1000 Twin Turbo, a 1,200-horsepower, V10 monster. Think 0-200 MPH in 20.2 seconds."
Anyone with a bit of car knowledge can tell that this Hennessey Venom is no car to be toyed with if it can scare the Bugatti Veyron even before it races. What's better? The writer of the article on the site was actually a passenger in the Venom when it terrified its legendary opponent. Talk about first-hand experience.

Want to read more on cars from a blog that knows what it's talking about? Race on over to Jalopnik now!


  1. Bugatti Veyron car of my dreams.

    btw good review :)

  2. nice cars, as an Italian tho, i will always like Ferrari and Lamborghini better :)

  3. wow, you're a great reviewer, btw, that car looks amazing.

  4. Autoblog and jalopnik are two of my many daily website reads :3

  5. I FUCKING HATE AUTOBLOG!!! Actually, only their commentators. If it's an automatic, they whine for a manual. But NO ONE BUYS MANUALS. Everyone says "If only it were a wagon I'd buy it!" They probably have like 5k in their bank account. And most importantly, they hate on Toyota and Lexus for being BORING... but wtf? Ford and GM build boring cars too! At least cuss Toyota and Lexus out for real reasons. I can think of one... the RX350 is a 45k SUV and it doesn't even have closed-loop carpeting. There. RANT OVER.