Have you ever played a flash game before? Many people who frequently use the internet have at least tried these fun little games, but I'm positive that there are still those out there who have not. Flash games are usually simple games that are browser-based (meaning you do not have to download anything to play it) and are usually free. Often, they're very short in game time, but can be unusually fun in that short period of time.

Today's blog feature, FlashMush, is a blog about flash games. It has an extensive list of interesting and fun flash games that catch my eye every time I go there; I can't leave FlashMush without having playing at least one of his recommended flash games! Often, I can get engulfed in one for quite a long time. The writer, Kingmush, has good taste if you ask me.

Want to try out a good flash game? Game on at FlashMush.


  1. Thanks for the link, i can always use an excuse to waste some time.

  2. thanks for the site, his games are awesome!

  3. That is an interesting blog. Thanks, now I'll be able to find quality blogs.

  4. I love FlashMush, especially as a lot of the games he reviews turn into apps I write about :D