No One I Think Is In My Tree

UPDATE: I apologize that this post was late. It should have been Friday's post, instead of the new-blog spotlight, but I was busy with family. Normal posts on a normal schedule will be up on Monday.

Philosophy is an under-appreciated but phenomenally important area of intellectuality. Whether it comes down to the basic understanding of what is right and wrong, to the difference between one gray area and another, philosophy is present. It is a powerful tool in the art of persuasion and in logic, being able to turn the tides of a discussion in favor of he or she with the best understanding.

No One I Think Is In My Tree is a blog dedicated (mostly) to the examination and introduction of select philosophical topics -- and some good, classic rock, of course.

Here's an example of something one would find on this blog:

"If you want to discover a principle, doubt of anything that isn't 100% true all the time. The sensible world isn't certain, thus my senses aren't trustworthy. Anything I consider logic and true now can just be an illusion, a deceive. But, if it is indeed an illusion, there's necessarily someone who is being deceived. If the world is imaginary, there's somebody conducting cerebral processes and imagining the whole thing. Thus, If I think, I must exist."

To visit, or not to visit? That's not really the question, since you should FOR SURE be visiting No One I Think Is In My Tree. ;P


  1. I appreciate your suggestions, so I'll check it out!

  2. I like the way it explains things.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. srsly, people need more philosophy.

  4. I've been following your blog for a while. It's pretty good indeed. Keep on the good work.

  5. Wow, thanks for featuring me. Such an honor =D. I'll begin to focus a lot more on philosophy, so stay tuned!

  6. Philosophy is one of the most difficult topics to talk about! especially in a contest such as a blog, so props to everyone involved!

    Check out my blog, I'm a deep analyzer too !


  7. I like that the name is a reference to The Beatle's Strawberry Fields Forever.

  8. hmm I guess you learn some thing new every day..