Fly Them

Lifestyle and health are two subjects that seem to have the entire first world wrapped around them. Vigorously, we try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and will read just about anything that aids us in our search. Today's blog feature is on such a blog, named Fly Them.

Here is a sample from the blog's post on 5 easy rules for a healthy diet:

"1. You have to eat breakfast because your body needs the energy to make it through the day. Maybe not bacon and eggs, yes?

Split your meals so you eat more often but smaller portions. I don't know who thought of this three meals a day rule, you can do 5 smaller ones, no problem.

As I said before, what they sell us today in our supermarkets is mostly made of fat and sugar. Cut it. Indulge in moderation. You don't need to drink a bottle of coke each day, but you can drink it on special occasions and it will taste even better.

Vegetables and fruits are your best friend. Meat is also good as long as it has a low fat-percentage, like chicken and turkey.

Cooking is fun. If you don't like it, you need to find a way to make it fun. It's the only way to get away from fastfood and pizza delivery."

Get your healthy on at Fly Them.


  1. Cooking vegetables could not be easier nowadays. Back just 100 years, we had to plow fields, plant seeds, water them, wait, water them, wait again, etc. then months later, or once a season, pick a few veggies to eat. Now all you do is buy them from the market, wash them, steam them, and within 4 minutes you've got perfectly healthy food to eat! I feel SO MUCH BETTER eating healthy, and I hope your readers take your advice here for their health and eat right, too. :D

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  2. Love that blog, so informative!

  3. Good tips! Will always eat breakfast from now on!

  4. A blog that discusses other blogs...interesting idea! Cool blog, keep it up!

  5. yes i eat very healthy, oatmeal with raising in breakfast with 2 eggs. Chicken breast with veggies and brown rice etc. Works wonders

  6. Sorrow were ever razed, and testy wrath. Supporting!

  7. I've tried but its hard to have the time to eat several times a day in small portions.

  8. Haha, nice tips, I never eat breakfast right...