People Are Idiots

Stupid people are... well, stupid. That's pretty much the message preached at "People are Idiots," a blog for fun little stories about all of the crazy people out there in the world do their crazy stuff. Now, everyone can have a laugh at someone else's expense, in blog form!

Here's a little piece of the People are Idiots blog:

"So eventually, after over an hour of waiting, it was my turn. Normally this is where I would end this blog post, but today was a very very special day. I went in and saw the Doc. I informed him I had the blood test done last Saturday and was here to get the results. He looked through my chart and asked Are you sure you had it done? As a little piece of me died inside, I confirmed that yes, I did it. The results weren't there so he'd have someone contact the lab. 35 minutes later he returned with the results. Which were almost perfect. And almost two hours after I got there I was finally able to go. What a great day indeed."

What can you say? People are Idiots!


  1. I hate waiting for doctors. I love getting what I want as soon as I want it.

  2. I'll have to check it out haha. thanks for sharing that blog.

  3. I usually enter this blog, is so good man, so goood e.e

  4. LOL agreed, people ARE idiots!