Geekologie: Revisited

I'm beginning to think that this blog might need to be renamed to something along the times of "Techblogographer," considering the frequency with which I feature technology and tech-related blogs! However, I think we can all appreciate a good tech blog, because after all, aren't we all on computers or phones and whatnot right now? :P

So, today I will be revisiting the hilarious blog Geekologie, which isn't exactly a tech blog, but it is a geek blog which features tons of gizmos and gadgets. There's also the occasional gorgeous fashion model for the purpose of... well, why not?! This blog was featured on Blogographer quite a long time ago, and it's time it's brought up again.

Here's a current sample from the blog's post about Harry Potter as an anime:

"Is this what Harry Potter would look like as anime? Yes. Even if it isn't let's just say it is because I've only written three lines about it and I'm already tired of arguing about it. So yeah, moving on. Ninja turtles: who's your favorite one? I like the one with the tits in the yellow jumpsuit. What's her name? "Donatello." Yes, her."

 Geek out at Geekologie.


  1. Sounds entertaining. I'll check it out

  2. Ha that blog does sound a bit more interesting than most i come across, plus it ref'd TMNT.

  3. Harry Potter as anime? nice idea somehow...