Life in General

Science is a vastly under-appreciated niche in the world of blogging. Many people don't find science all that interesting to begin with, and sometimes you can't really blame them -- it's hard to get into a subject like that when the people explaining won't  tell you much of what you need to know before hand. Starting from the beginning, or from an easy-to-understand area, is a concept many seem to not get.

While the blog I am featuring today, "Life in General," isn't a perfect match for those looking to jump into science without any previous understanding, it is definitely a pretty good fit for those who already have some knowledge of chemistry and physics from school or personal education.

Here's an example of something you could learn on this great blog:

"In ground state the number of electrons is equal to the number of protons giving the atom a neutral charge.
In excited charge status the atom has lost/gain electrons, this can be because of a chemical reaction or radiation.

Sodium (Na) has 11 electrons, but what happens with excited Sodium (Na+1)
As you can see the charge of Sodium is +1, that indicates that the atom has lost 1 negative charge being that an electron; so excited sodium has 10 electrons, 1 less than its ground state."
Get learned at Life in General. ;D


  1. thanks for the review, hoping to find more science freaks out there

  2. I love science, I just can't understand why some people hate it..

  3. This is a nice blog. There are interest things to see in it.