Cell Fame

In the day of smartphone prowess, where everyone is as avid a smartphone user as a computer user, customization of your cell is highly regarded. There's always been tons of high definition wallpaper sites for laptop, desktop, and various other mediums, but it seems that smartphones, particularly Androids, get left in the dust by their technological brethren in this department.

Cell Fame is an excellent blog for your high-def Android walls, though! It's clean, easy to navigate layout makes it a cinch to step right in, find the wall of your choice, and get going! Ever wanted some artfully gorgeous girl to adorn your smartphone?


'Kerli' on Cell Fame


'Socks' on Cell Fame
'Olivia Wilde' on Cell Fame
Okay, so maybe plastering a chick on your screen isn't exactly your cuppa tea. That's fine, of course; after all, not everyone on the internet is a straight dude. If you're a gamer, you may like these FPS walls:

'Halo' on Cell Fame
'Battlefield 3' on Cell Fame

To get more of these awesome Android hi-def wallpapers, check out Cell Fame for yourself!


  1. why dont u just take a picture with your phone and set that as your background?