Designer Musik

Hey there, blogographers, I know you absolutely adore music. After all, who doesn't like at least a little music?

Well, today we have on Blogographer the wonderfully convenient site Designer Musik, which is a blog by a music connoisseur named Haezer. The writer posts a new song every five or so days (give or take a couple of days for his schedule), but each song seems to be quite enjoyable and well-picked. You would probably enjoy it more if you really enjoy the electronic genre (drum n bass, dubstep, etc.), but I'm sure the casual listener can find something here to enjoy, as well!

Here's an example of one of the posts, with the video included:

"A true dubstep tune from one of the originals of the dubstep scene, Skream.
In my opinion, Skream is still one of the few producers that continues with the original 'dubstep' spirit - slow and powerful wobble basslines, with a strong snare and a alien/dark feeling. Can't wait to see this guy during this year near my home town."

Skream - Exothermic Reaction (HD Full)


  1. Oooooh ive foudn my way to this blog before, i love the songs he posts, its always "new music afternoons" at work whenever he posts XD ive found new styles of music that i didnt know i liked :D!

  2. Whenever I feel like i wanna listen to some dubstep, I go to Designer Musik :)