I have always been a personal fan of writing. Ever since I was young, I always felt more expressive in the literary arts than the visual ones. While I have a healthy respect for all art forms, I feel a kinship to writing that I have never felt with another form of artistic expression. Perhaps this is because of my passion for reading as well, considering the two go hand-in-hand.

At any rate, out of my deep respect for the power of writing, I have chosen today's feature blog, Wordsmith. According to the writer on his About page for the blog, "I am a wordsmith. I need to practise my writing, so I am attempting to write a short story every day for a year. Some will be bad, some will be good, all will be written in a rush as I count down to a daily deadline."

While I have encountered many blogs of similar dedication, most have been with fairly uninteresting layouts or overcrowded with information irrelevant to the topic. Some may find either of these more suitable to their tastes, but as for my own, I believe the writer at Wordsmith employs the wiser of the option choices for his site. It is incredibly easy to navigate and find what you want, which are the individual story tidbits.

Here is a sample of one of the stories on Wordsmith, titled "Io,":

"There it was again. That banging sound. Right above his bed. Thaddeus sighed. No sleep again, then.

He’d become accustomed to the rhythmic sounds of the machinery. Everyone had to, otherwise madness would soon set in. The hiss of the gasses escaping the vents, the roar of the engines, they were all standard sounds. This banging, however, wasn’t.

Thaddeus heaved his immense frame out of the sleeping pod. Being careful not to wake his fellow workers, he moved quietly to the locker room. He stared into the mirror, taking note of the dark rings around his eyes and the shock of thick unkempt hair on his head and chin. Thaddeus moved away from the mirror and stared out of the grimy window next to it. As always, all he could see were clouds of yellow and orange smoke. He sighed. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Fantastic opportunities, they’d said. See the solar system, they’d said. They said nothing about banging noises, though."

The writer displays here one of the defining unique qualities of literary style present in that of professionals and the well-written: the ability to use what most would consider exotic words, without inundating the prose with excessively complicated words. An admirable trait in an author, if you ask me.

Impressed with the writing, and would like to see more? All of the writing is just a click away, at the Wordsmith blog. Read out to your heart's content, and perhaps you will even be inspired. Who knows?

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  1. There's definitely talent in that.