Why I Enjoy Paying Taxes

I'm sure that title caught your attention, eh?

It must come as little surprise to you (or anyone else, to be honest) that nobody likes to pay taxes. Not one bit. Or.. is there one out there that really does? It would appear that the only guy in the world who happily pays his taxes has opened a blog about it. He must be interesting; I mean, come on!, he's got 57 reasons so far to enjoy paying taxes, and I've yet to find the first! That's creativity right there.

While many bloggers open a blog with a generic niche (see Blogographer), there's always the one guy with something to say. Even then, much of the time, that one guy blows a lot of hot air. This time, though, Pittsburghian videographer and writer Mike is that one guy, and there's nothing average about Mike. Not even when it comes to taxes.

Here's a small piece of Reason #26 from his blog, Why I Enjoy Paying Taxes:

"So for him to start the tax conversation from the position that yes, millionaires should be paying more taxes - aside from the tactical advantage of not pre-compromising like he did with Health Care and the Debt Ceiling - means that at least we're talking about it now. I started this blog because no one in government seemed to be willing to even broach the subject of higher taxes, for anyone, ever. So it's kind of gratifying that now, less than six weeks in, Obama is taking at least the tiniest baby steps toward catching up with me.

Doesn't mean I'm voting for him again, though."

Mike has my vote here, haha! Obama is so worried about his re-election for presidency in 2012 that he's willing to ignore or refuse the protests and riots of a group as large as Occupy Wall Street! Oakland's riot in the streets, surmounting in police brutality against many people, including a Marine who was injured in the head by a tear-gas canister shot directly at him! A woman in a wheelchair barely escaped after choking when stuck in the clouds of gas. Obama was just next-door, relatively, and he can ignore it all. It's easy when you're part of the one percent!

I digress. Mike's blog Why I Enjoy Paying Taxes is a blog for his well-formed opinions in a relatively new light. His blog receives a big thumbs up from Blogographer!

Watch the police brutality in Oakland:


  1. Taxes... try moving to sweden. Then you'll get to know what taxes really is

  2. Interesting stuff as always. There's blogs about everything! lol

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