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With the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim just around the corner (midnight launch for 11-11-11), I thought it would be appropriate to do today's blog feature on a gaming news site! After all, Skyrim is looking to be one of the biggest games to be released to-date, and I am going to be enjoying the midnight festivities of Tamriel with my friends (LAN parties FTW!).

Personally, I am all for the independent, small site game reviewers and news writers that seem to pepper the internet with a ferocity. I think that they make up an important part of the overall gaming community, because it is their mass of opinions, and their reviews, that influence the whole gaming market, not just that of the magazines and sites like GameInformer and Kotaku.
That is why HiveGamer made it onto Blogographer, today. I read his gaming blog quite often, for his opinion on gaming. It is always nice to see different voices in the industry. I even learn a bit about the games I spend so much of my time on, so that is also quite the plus.

Here is a piece from his blog post about increasing wireless signal:

"Unfortunately my router(Thomson TG784) has no external antenna, otherwise there are some better schematics around the web but we do what we can with what we have.

In theory it should reflect part of the waves in the direction of my PC thus increasing the strength of the signal i receive and there fore allow the wireless to work at a slight higher speed therefore increasing my download speed.

One thing that i already done was manually test all 13 channels on my router, by default selects what ever he thinks its best(and fails) and there is no "1 channel to rule them all" and since channels may get interferences from different sources, from electronics to other nearby wireless using the same channel, its best for you to check it out your self... be sure to find the most stable one and not the one with highest signal strength."

Now, if you ask me, that sounds like some pretty helpful advice. Of course, the whole article goes more in-depth into improving wireless signal, and you should definitely check it out if interested. I'm sure HiveGamer would appreciate it!

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