Self-Medicate Music

Who doesn't love a good music blog? After all, music is perhaps the most popular form of modern artistic expression in the world. Naturally, the tides of the internet follow the waves of interest, and as such music is a hugely popular internet item. Blogs ride the popular items, too.

With this inundation of music blogs, you may see a lot of bad ones. A good music blog seems out of grasp, impossible; and yet, we have it here at Self-Medicate, a self-evidently incredible blog. Looking at the layout alone is just beautiful, meshing with music so well. The music that is posted is top-quality. Here's a list of some songs (in their posts) you can find over at Self-Medicate.

Check it out for more! The link is: http://www.selfmedicatemusic.com/


  1. Cool music! A bit of this goes over my head, but I'm an old man, so forgive me! lol

  2. this is more my kind of music lol. i still enjoy dubstep, though