Eye of the Beholder

To visit Eye of the Beholder via direct link, or without having to go through the article, please click here: http://steadytest.blogspot.com/

Everybody who has read my blog knows that I am no serious fan of the "random" blog genre. I think it's honestly more than overdone; I believe the internet is inundated and saturated with random blogs. This is why it is so relieving to find random blogs that are actually good. They usually still have structure, and are less like diaries and journals as they are like blogs centered around the interests of the writer.

Such a rare blog is Eye of the Beholder, a blog penned by the very well-written Patres, a man of distinctive knowledgeable taste. Eye of the Beholder is for whatever Patres wishes to write about, though the articles have a general, background flow to them.

Here's an excerpt from EotB's "Keep your helmets on! 2005 YU55 near pass:"

"Tomorrow (tuesday the 8th of November) an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will pass us really close by. It's called 2005 YU55, and while astronomically we can call this a close miss, it will be 0.00217 AU (Eart-Sun distance) away, around 325,000 km or 200,000 mi. This is 15% closer than the distance at which the moon orbits (0.85 lunar distances). "

Unfortunately, that means you missed the awesome asteroid. However, to see more cool stuff in the future, I suggest sending a follow the way of Patres, and reading his blog from time to time. As you will soon find out, Eye of the Beholder has some interesting things to tell the world about.


  1. Its all in the eye of the beholder.

  2. Love a well-written blog. Yours is no exception!

  3. hmm you have shown quite a few good sites, expanding my vie wof the world and people as i go! time to visit the eye of the beholder once more :3