Blogographer Sponsored Blogs

Here on Blogographer, it's usually just a single blog per day -- that's the easiest way to give each blog the time they need to be thoroughly discussed in just a single post. However, some sponsored blogs of Blogographer (blogs that we support) aren't exactly feature material, as they're either by myself, or my friends and family.

As I feel quite unfair throwing the spotlight solely on someone I know just because they know me, I thought that I would dedicate a single post today to the Blogographer Sponsored Blogs. The last Saturday of each month will see the Sponsored Blogs listed for new readers and old readers alike to enjoy!

Here's the list so far:

Brighter Earth

Brighter Earth is one of my side blogs, that I started quite a while back in the pursuit of helping the world out a bit, even if only a little. It is a blog about non-profit charities, and almost always they are easy to use, free, and online. Anyone can get on and help the charities immediately! There's no reason you shouldn't check out the blog even if it's just to find a way for you to help others.


Another one of my side blogs, StupidOctopus features information about gaming that I hear about. I try to keep on the ball with some of the new releases and info, so that my games site can be known for having a professional style to it. I've reported on some game info that wasn't out on the internet very much, so I make a specialty of the news you probably haven't heard yet.


This blog's name means You Want, You Lose. This blog is a joint effort by myself and a few other friends and family members, finding all sorts of cool stuff on the internet that we would definitely take in a heartbeat if we could. There's something for everyone, and you can't say that they aren't interesting pieces. Every article is on something entirely unique!


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  2. Great picks, I've been waiting for a YWYL style blog, i'll definitely check it out.

  3. wait... there are no actual links to the blogs? add those please.