It's about that time for another Gawker Media network blog here on Blogographer (and, no, they do not sponsor me, haha)!

This time, I will be featuring Lifehacker, blogging kin to such other successful sites as Jalopnik, Kotaku, and Gizmodo (among others) by Gawker. According to their about page and byline, Lifehacker is about, "tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done." If that is not descriptive enough for ya, then their about page also has a helpful little video on it.

I have not been on the site long enough to be able to tell if these tips and tricks will turn my life around, but I am definitely holding out for it. A lot of the information seems to be legit, but I honestly cannot be sure until I have witnessed the effects myself. Here's to keepin' my fingers crossed!

To be completely honest, I am always a little wary of the info coming out of Gawker Media's blogs. It's not that they are a disreputable network, as far as I know, but their sources (or their writers) can occasionally be less-than-satisfactory with their fact-checking. With anything on the internet, though, one should always take supposed 'facts' with a grain of salt.

With that, I bid you adieu for the day, blogographers, and hope that this feature brought to light a new blog for you to discover!


  1. checked out that blog, thanks for sharing! Its very funny and intersting :)

  2. I'm gonna take what you said with a grain of salt!

  3. I love life hacks.... gotta check out this blog!