Nostalgic Video Games

Today's feature on Blogographer is another video game blog (yes, another), but it's not just any ol' video game blog. The internet is inundated with blogs about gamers and gaming news, though every once in a while you come across an older games blog.

The one I've stumbled upon goes by the name of Nostalgic Video Games, a rather simple blog name. From what I can see, it's written by a one D_Homes (though older posts are attributed to 'Kryptic' whom I assume is the same person), who isn't a half-bad writer in my opinion.

There's plenty of great games from the supposed glory days of gaming to be found and played, or re-played. I noticed he mentioned a few games that I remember playing back in the day myself, and they were all quite well done for their time.

Against modern games, old games are dying out, but it's thanks to those gaming pioneers, hacking a trail through the electronic arts for the rest of us, that we have those modern games now. Show homage to them at Nostalgic Video Games.


  1. Hmm yea the good old times.
    I seldom find new games that mesmerize me the way Super Mario 64 did, it's a shame.

  2. Glad to see a review of a blog that's helping to keep some of the classics alive. What with all the Modern Warfare nonsense coming out these days, it's nice to see the good old stuff appreciated.
    Glad you're bringing it to light too!
    Also liking the new layout mate

  3. @Kaneda: Totally agreed. Super Mario 64 is an amazing game.

  4. "supposed" glory days?


  5. Glory days are still 'on', just wait a bit for new releases from fresh developments. I guess there is still a lot to say in the game genre department.

  6. hte glory days will never be forgotten.... so we gotta keep making sites about clasic video games.. im glad for this one as well :D

  7. Super Mario 64 was the bomb! I remember when I got it..I thought to myself, "there is no possible way graphics can get any better than this..like this is it. this is incredible".

  8. Prehistorik was mine