r/funny: 1 million readers!

So something incredible happened on the internet recently. One of reddit's subreddits, r/funny, finally reached the one-million-readers mark, making it the first subreddit to do so. This is akin to Ashton Kutcher claiming the first account to one million Twitter followers, making it quite the occasion.

The subreddit decided to celebrate by encouraging users to give themselves 'flair,' or titles next to their names. It could really be whatever they want (yes, I put 'blogographer.org' next to my name -- what else?) and so there's been quite the myriad of funny flairs.

For my shot at funny flair, I've gone with the following:


  1. It's great to be part of such a large and great community :)

  2. ive heard so much about reddit, maybe i should get onto the bandwagon too o.o