Travel is something that I feel everyone should experience, even if only a few times in their life. It's incredible just how different life is only a few hundred miles away -- even more so a few thousand miles!

Those of us that live the USA have the particularly lucky draw of being able to travel to fifty states without even leaving the country or speaking a different language.

Today's blog feature, Globetrottin', is a travel blog in which the writer, who goes by Pentele, gives his impressions of particular places around the world that are (usually) great travel destinations. I have seen nothing but great, helpful posts on his blog.

Globetrottin' has even inspired me a bit to travel! These places are absolutely amazing, and I would like to see many of them in my lifetime, if I am lucky enough. See the sights over at Globetrottin'!


  1. u are 100% right! Its kind of the personal development to get to know about different cultures and will help you grow up.

  2. Oh wow, this is an awesome blog. I have an insatiable wanderlust..I would love to be able to spend my life travelling and blogging about it.