A little bit of this and not so much of that

The blogs I write about almost always have a specific niche, whether it be technology, videogames, or even saving money in daily life. Not often enough to do I write about those simple blogs whose only goal is to entertain the reader with stories and images, a concept from the webdays of old.

This is because not often enough are there even good blogs to write about with this sort of premise. They're usually either so wild and unruly, or entirely uninteresting, that I can't see any reason to post them on my blog for featuring.

Today, though, I was recommended to a blog of a friend's friend that was finally both interesting and uninhibited by niche. This blog, "A little bit of this and not so much of that," was actually quite a good read. I say that even if you don't find random blogs interesting, you should give it a bit of a read.

I think you'll find "A little bit of this and not so much of that" might actually work your brain (or not! haha).


  1. mmnh.. ive beeen following you and i know what you mean by your style, gona give your freinds blog a check, im always ready to make new friends :D! thx

  2. Not bad..I really like the psychology posts!

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