Extra Ordinary

Alright, so today's post is a little less blog than it is webcomic (okay, a lot more webcomic), but I thought it was extraordinary (get it?) and should be shared with my readers.

In my opinion, Extra Ordinary is really quite enjoyable. It's funny in a random, internet-humor sort of way. It's very lighthearted and rarely, if ever, touches down on serious topics (unlike the contemporary Ctrl+Alt+Del). It's been highly popular on sites like Reddit, where it has achieved much attention when posted.

This particular webcomic is done by Li Chen featuring herself, her cat, and her boyfriend (husband?) Jordan, whom I presume also helps with the webcomics in some way as he is mentioned here and there on the site. It's not the most quickly updated, but most other webcomics are not so swiftly drawn either.

If you didn't already click the link above, then you should definitely click it now: Extra Ordinary.


  1. hah.. well yeah thats the power of credit card, always spending so much, i actually own a credit card but use it as saving account true story XD

    also the little cat has a jetpack!!! omg <3