Hey there, blogographers. I'm glad I could tear myself away from today's feature long enough to write this post, because it was getting dangerously close to posting time and, well -- don't we all hate when people post stuff late? So let's get down to business: Cracked.com.

This particularly site is so good that I almost didn't realize how long I had spent on it. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how long, but I will tell you anyways: four hours. No, not four hours in total, including breaks, spanning over a few days. Four hours straight with about three minutes to get up, take a leak, and get my clothes out of the dryer that had been sitting there for hours.

I don't want to say I'm an internet addict sometimes (because, frankly, that is exactly the case), but boy, oh boy, am I surprised at just how long I spent reading useless but interesting information spanning from urban legends that are actually true (four editions of this, actually) to video game glitches that are just downright horrifying.

If you're not interested by now, you may be perfectly sane. After all, who wants to be addicted to perfectly awesome stuff? Yeah, that's it..


  1. I some times spend eight hours at a web site!

  2. The guy that wrote that article about glitches is chilean as well! Respect!

  3. haha your article scared me! i don't want to waste that much time so i better don't click ;)

  4. Thats one of my favourite sites and the reason why i check my facebook wall. Worth to check it out guys:)