Big League Stew

There's something all of you blogographers out there should know: I love baseball. So, in addition to those certain niches that receive a lot more attention than others (i.e. gaming, gadgets, etc.), baseball will probably be seeing a lot more posts on my blog.

Today's post, then, is appropriately about baseball. This particular blog is Big League Stew, a blog run by Yahoo! Sports that focuses on MLB. If you want the most up-to-date news on whatever is going on in the MLB, Big League Stew has it for you.

I suggest this to even minor fans of baseball, because although this blog does bombard the reader with inside references and comments, it always makes sure to cater in addition to those who do not know every little thing about the game.

This blog is a grand slam in the Blogographer archives. Steal, run, and slide over to Big League Stew.

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  1. I love baseball too. But it kinda isn't the same since everyone I looked at as great players took steroids. Homey don't play that!