Animals. The subject of so much controversy, from the personal lives of everyday people to the complicated ones of celebrities. Some people love their pets so much, you might wonder just how far they would go for them (and, if it came down to you or them, which would that person save?). At any rate, there is no shortage of discussion for both pet-lovers and haters, or even those floating around in the middle.

Along with all of this conversation (and perhaps, because of it), many misconceptions arise about how to take care of each pet. It is easy for these truth-lacking tips to proliferate as so many people look for answers to their problems, but we must be careful to take out those which are definitely true and backed by a professional medical or related opinion.

Here's an example of such misconceptions:

"As a simple example, we used to leave some cat food at the backdoor of our house for stray cats, when I was a kid I remember wanting to put some milk there for them not knowing that 9 cases out of 10 it would be harmful for them, luckily someone I knew then had some basic knowledge of such things and stopped me from possibly causing harm to the cats, harmful ignorance is still in the end, harmful." -AniCompendium

 So why don't you get some reliable information? While, of course, you should always check with a certified professional about these sorts of things, there are good sites out there like AniCompendium with useful information to take into consideration, and to use as prompts to question specialists with.

If you have a pet, or plan to get one soon, I suggest you look into AniCompendium; if not for your own ease of mind, then for the health and safety of your (perhaps soon-to-be) pet. The information there could save you a lot of time, money, and even hassle. Always better to be prepared, ya know.

Check out AniCompendium now!


  1. Great post. I wish I had known about this site before we bought our first pet. A lot of good information and gret pictures!