Carver PhotoCinema

"Carver PhotoCinema is a photography studio, based out of the San francisco bay Area, CA. Founded by Callib L. Carver, Carver PhotoCinema is dedicated to creating stunning artistic and alternative photographs. Using new media, we hope to capture the attention of people across the world."

That is a pretty bold statement for any sort of business to make, especially so for a photography studio. Every teenager and his/her uncle is a "photographer," it would seem, and you know what? That is most certainly fine by me. If you want to wield a camera and say you like to take pictures, more power to you. Who am I to stifle the artistic determination of anybody?

Then there are those that might consider themselves professional photographers by meeting the same requirements as I listed above. Here the typical checklist for becoming a professional photographer these days:

1. A Nikon camera

And you're done, it would seem. If only a cursory knowledge of computers made me a professional IT guy! Now that would be something, eh? Alas, the owning of equipment does not usually qualify one for professional work in that subject.

Now that I have let loose that rant, I would like to say that this Carver PhotoCinema is not exactly bad. After all, I don't quite know if I am really qualified myself to judge the works of photographers. Maybe I am missing some key detail that makes the photography excellent, professional work?

Whatever it is, exactly, I would feel safe guessing this "business" is a kid with a camera who figures he can make a few extra bucks snapping photos and turning them black and white for effect. If that floats your boat, so be it. Just don't come to me if you are disappointed in the end.

As for the actual content of the blog and the layout, I found it to be a somewhat trite and usual. Plain gray-on-gray-on-gray is not always a good choice, though I feel like I am being a bit picky here when I point this out. All-in-all, the blog is not that bad. I just think the photography could use a bit of work.

Either way, there are my thoughts on Carver PhotoCinema.


  1. Haha I agree... even worse are the people who take photos via instagram and consider themselves pros... cringe.

  2. To be honest, if you take a photo, you're by definition a photographer.