New Year's Top Six

 Top Six
of 2011

As the year comes to a close, Blogographer would like to present to you the top six blogs featured here, with the winner receiving a free bloglist link on the sidebar! I suppose we could think of it as a Christmas bonus to the big blogs that help make my blog a reality by posting awesome content. Keep it up, haha!

Here are the top six, starting from the bottom:

#6 - TheUniversityBlog

"As the name implies, TheUniversityBlog focuses on university and college. This blog's intention is to provide helpful information on a wide range of academia-related subjects, from "employability" to the secrets of success."
TheUniversityBlog has provided me with more than enough help on advancing through college- and university-level class and general school issues, so I recommend it highly as supplemental information.

#5 - SDG Reviews

"That's where [SDG] comes in. He authors the [SDG Reviews] blog, which features his succinct, to-the-point movie reviews. He writes about such movies as Wanted, Machete, and the ever-annoying Sweeney Todd. I gotta give him credit for having such an eclectic, varied taste (that, or he's incredibly unbiased; either are commendable)."
Finding a good source for cinematic information is always a hassle on the internet; so many opinions, which to trust?! Well, SDG has it pretty down pat when it comes to his favorite subject: cinema.

#4 - Template Fairy

"If you're not a blog writer, you won't find this particular blog particularly useful. If you are, though, you'll discover that there's quite a few useful add-ons and bits of advice. From "5 Reasons Why I Won't Read Your Blog" to "How to Feed your Blog to Twitter", there's much help to be had."
There is a reason this blog ranks so highly on my list -- it is also about blogs! I love to see a fellow blogger who is out there to make sure that he (or she, as in this case!) can be the difference in blogging that very desperately needs to happen.

#3 - I chose Hampture

"This monumental discovery is that of the blog I chose Hampture, whose by-line reads, "The scientific pursuit of underwater hamster objectivism." To rephrase that in a way that even remotely means something, this gem of a blog is seriously about a friggin' Hamster Rapture (or, more appropriately, Hampture)."

Yeah. That's right. Underwater hamster colonies.

#2 - The Kingston Lounge

"Mr. Richard Nickel likes to rediscover those urban settings that have so recently been lost to us. He captures images of these places with stunning, yet subtle, precision and artistic prowess. These are not just the Kodak disposable-camera pictures of a hobbyist, but rather the incredibly professional and beautiful captures of a seasoned photographer."

The Kingston Lounge is very slow in posting, but I assure you that it is worth it when the posts do come in. The visuals that his photography brings opens a whole new world that you might not have even realized existed. The mind-blowing photo skills brings this blog the second spot.

#1 - Bored Olives

"Bored Olives is written by the warm personality of Stephen Davis, who claims he was constructing a computer from secondhand parts when he realized the hard drive had not been erased. He says he began to peek through the contents of the previous owner, finding saved e-mails that unfurled a bumpy romance between the nihilistic Stacey Marchenkova and the witty Dom Borax."

So interesting, I would buy the book if Davis made it into one! The drama mounts between the two, but not in a necessarily bad way -- a cute, almost impossible relationship of sorts springs up between Dom and Stacey, and... well, read it for yourself!

Hell, maybe it isn't real. But aren't you curious? ;D

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