You Want, You Lose

Uh-oh, watch out, blogographers: today's feature will be self-promoting! Ooooh nooo!

That aside, we can start in on the blog itself. Today's blog feature is on You Want, You Lose, which is a blog that I have been running by myself for some time now. In all fairness and to discredit those who might call me biased since it is my own blog, I will also point of those facets about it I did not enjoy, as well.

First things first: the content is awesome. If you ask me, no matter who you are, you can appreciate the value that the content has. Even if you never plan to buy anything listed on there (I certainly have not, out of financial security), it is still quite fun to peruse. The items are endlessly incredible.

On the other hand, the blog's look itself could use a bit of work. The layout and background are actually some of the default styles, which need to be updated to be personalized to their style of the blog. I would consider the banner a nice, customizing touch that is on the right track to getting it right.

The writing is usually more wild than that which I write here on Blogographer (though we all know my posts are not exempt entirely from bouts of eccentricity), but that is because the content is about a wilder subject. There is more room for silliness, in my opinion.

If you want to see it for yourself, you can visit at You Want, You Lose. Be sure to let me know you visited in a comment!


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